Men’s Intimate Waxing

All Appointments Must Be Booked In Advanced


What should I avoid both before and after a wax session?

Do not exercise beforehand or ‘rush’ to your appointment. Refrain from taking a bath however a warm shower, the same morning, is essential. Put Swimming, Sauna, Sunbathing, Sunbed, Sex, Cycling, Jacuzzi etc ‘off’ until another day! Essentially avoid participating in any activity that makes you perspire or increases your heart rate including caffeine and alcohol.

Do I need a Skin Test?

If you suffer allergies to sticking plaster we recommend you pop in for a pre-wax patch test. If you’ve never experienced a wax procedure, our LINK will redirect you to a straightforward safety checklist that will put your mind at ease. The link shall take you away from this page so don’t click on it until you have read all the following information …

I’m concerned about cross infection during waxing.

Lerage therapists are happy to explain their Fresh-Wax system and dispel any fear you may have of cross-contamination. Unlike some salons, we never double dip so the wax applied to your skin contains no one else’s bacteria or skin cells. Neither do we use the uncomfortable ‘roller method’. Non-strip – hot wax is available upon request at a 33% higher rate.

How old must I be to receive a wax treatment?

You must be able to prove you are 17+ or attend with a responsible adult relative if you are 12 – 16 years of age.

Is waxing uncomfortable?

Our courteous, gentle and highly experienced waxperts remove unwanted hair quicker and more painlessly than general beauty therapists simply because we perform wax procedures ALL day EVERY day.

Of course the sudden extraction of a large amount of hair from its follicles is not pain-free and some clients have a higher pain threshold than others however the end result is worth any discomfort and many clients re-book their next session before leaving the salon!

If, at any stage during the procedure, you feel the discomfort is more than you can tolerate, let us know because we’ll happily end your session. Your Therapist will always respect your decision and cease treatment immediately. You may be charged proportionally. Anti-anxiety capsules, taken as directed and in advance, are reported to aid calmness during the procedure.

We recommend, however, that you anticipate a little discomfort so that you deal with this new experience in a calm way. It is wise to listen to, and follow, your Therapists instructions throughout your session as failure to do so may result in bruising and additional discomfort. You may be asked to participate in the procedure by stretching the skin in certain directions but you will always be expected to remain still whilst the wax is being removed. Wriggling causes bruising and entirely self inflicted! Keep in mind that frequent sessions reduce anxiety making subsequent treatments more tolerable.

Will the waxed area feel sore after treatment?

Warmth and slight tenderness will ensue plus pores will remain raised and pink for a short period.

On occasion, and without reason, excess superficial skin cells are removed resulting in prolonged tenderness. In this instance, extra aftercare is recommended and should be continued until the area has returned to it’s regular colour, texture, sensitivity and temperature.

Any normal reaction subsides within a few hours however improper aftercare may extend the period of recovery and even trigger an adverse reaction.

Aftercare includes keeping the area cool AND protected.

Avoid skincare products besides those similar to the cream applied directly after treatment.

Pre-worn clothing can irritate the skin so it’s important to bring along ‘fresh cotton’ garments to wear immediately after your session.

Avoid friction and exposure to unclean environments, If you have received intimate waxing it’s crucial you gently but avidly cleanse the area after using the toilet and avoid sex until the area has normalised.

Avoid swimming in chlorinated or sea water.

Aftercare lotion is available to purchase and should be applied throughout the day.

Those that suffer in-grown hairs can purchase a product that specifically combats the problem.

How long will the results last?

This depends on many factors and varies – not only from person to person but from one session to the next!

You should book your follow-up session no sooner than 3-weeks later although 6-weeks offers best results.

Return too soon and the smooth results shall be short-lived, Return too late and the session may be more uncomfortable than usual.

Avoid epilating, trimming, shaving or the use of depilatory creams (mid appointment sessions) as regrowth will itch and feel more sharp. In particular, epilating can cause irreversible ingrown hair issues. Feel free to ask our opinion on epilators.