Safe Tanning in Worcester

Tanning is really just a matter of common sense. On a sun bed you are only exposed to a controlled dosage of ultraviolet light which is formulated for the tan that you want to achieve. This minimizes any risk of sunburn and gives you an all round safer tan. The experts at Worcester’s top tanning salon, Sunny Spells, can advise if you have any concerns.

Your body needs sunlight in order to produce vitamin B, remain healthy and grow. It is actually safer tanning in a salon then outside, as the level of UV exposure can be controlled rather than randomly exposing yourself to a undetermined amount of UV.

The process – How does tanning actually work?

Skin is composed of various layers – the epidermis, dermis and subcutis. The outer layer, the epidermis, contains cells called melanocytes, these produce melanin. When our skin is exposed to UV rays (ultraviolet) the melanocytes produce more melanin, this results in the skin darkening and thus, a beautiful tan is the end result.

Different Skin Types

There are many different types of skin such as fair skinned, freckled, Sicilian etc, these different skin types are classified accordingly and produce different levels of tan.

  1. White skin – easily burns, never tans.
  2. Sensitive light skin – rarely tans, burns more often
  3. Light skin – tans more – burns equally
  4. Light dark skin – tans more than burns
  5. Darker skin – rarely burns tans darkly
  6. Dark skin – never burns dark even tans

As you can see each person’s skin produces different amounts of melanin as a result of the natural tone. It is important to know your skin type and tan in our Worcester tanning salon accordingly.

Tanning Regulations Currently In Place

These are the regulations/legislation currently in place, each establishment which offers a tanning service must adhere to these guidelines. Of course, our Worcester tanning salon complies with all regulation :
They must have a timer in place to limit and record the exposure of a single session.
The amount of short-wave UV radiation (UVB) emitted should be limited.
Eye protectors that block UV light must be provided
There should be advise given about the dangers of overexposure.
Information on proper use should be in the form of notices, labels and consent forms.
There are several standards currently in place in tanning salons, to this end you are advised NOT to use a tanning bed if :

  • You are under the age of 16, you must be accompanied by an adult or carer.
  • Skin type 1 (as outlined above).
  • You have a large quantity of moles or freckles.
  • You have a history sun burn.
  • You suffer from any medical conditions that could worsen with UV exposure.
  • Your family has a history of skin cancer.
  • You are pregnant.

Safe tanning summary

In summary it is perfectly safe to tan on a sun bed so long as you follow the professional advice given by an expert at Sunny Spells – Worcester’s premier tanning salon. It is always advisable you limit your tanning to 20 sessions a year, international standards are 50 or less. If in doubt then you can always ask. If you are looking for tanning in Worcester and want to make sure that you remain safe – give Sunny Spells a go.